Fanciest designer smartwatches of 2019


Oh no, the Apple Watch is not the only smartwatch on the market. In fact, there are several others that are even more stylish and are fancy, while delivering at the same time. For a lot of people, they really didn’t think much of smartwatches, or even bought them. However, this changed when designer brands started designing their own versions that were much nicer to look at. That is when people began to take notice.

The great thing about smart watches is that they will do a lot of things that your smartphone can do. This includes reading text messages, tracking your steps, monitor you heart rate, and many other things. Now, with designer smartwatches, you can do all of that in style.

You will notice that now, designers are coming up with all types of timepieces that have the same features that you would find on standard smartwatches. If you can afford any of the smartwatches on this list, go ahead and treat yourself!

Garmin Vívomove Luxe

You can get the best of both worlds with a hybrid watch that not only shows you the time, but also does more and looks stylish. You will find that the virtual watch hands, as well as the dial of this smartphone sit on top of an AMOLED touchscreen display that is hidden. Swiping the screen of the smartwatch will make them disappear to show you the normal smartphone display. This watch truly is luxurious. We were really excited that it was made of 19k rose-gold stainless steel, and comes with a mesh band that matches. You will be able to buy this for $549.

Movado Connect 2.0

This designer smartwatch can be yours for $695. Fancy is not even the word to describe this smartwatch. It’s all things stylish! You will notice that it has a watch face, as well as dials that look like real diamonds. The case of the smartwatch is a light gold ion-plated stainless steel. You will also be quite impressed by the strap that looks really stunning. To add a touch of class, the smartwatch comes with a crystal Gorilla Glass display.

The smartphone runs on Google’s Wear operating system. Some of the things that this fancy designer smartwatch is able to do include the following:

  • Monitor heart rate
  • Track steps and other activities
  • Count calories burned
  • Read texts
  • View calls, etc.

To excite users even more, you will be able to customize this smartwatch according to your personal preferences. Some of the customisations that you can make include programming the side buttons to open apps of your choice. What’s more, you can swap the band of the watch according to your mood.

Montblanc Summit 2 Titanium Sports Edition

For a total of $1,095, you will be able to take this baby home. When we checked out the features of this designer smartwatch, we found that you only pay for the name. This is because there is really nothing extraordinary offered by the smartwatch except the standard features. We also found out that this was just a sportier version of the previously released Summit 2, this time coming with a titanium case, as well as a ceramic bezel that you will find attached to a silicone rubber strap.