Best Antivirus Protection for 2019

Laptops & Desktops

There is a lot that could happen to your personal information saved on PC if you don’t protect it with antivirus software. In fact, you risk losing all your information from viruses that destroy data on computers. In addition, hackers might steal your personal and banking information, which may be use to steal your funds. So, which one is the best antivirus protection for your computer? Well, wonder no more, as we are sharing with you, a few of the best antivirus protection for 2019.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

You can buy this antivirus software for just $29.99. This antivirus has been tested by so many different labs, and a lot of web protection test have been done and the results have really been outstanding. In fact, results of the all the tests that have been conducted show that this software offers multi-layers ransomware protection. Also, it will manage your passwords for users, making them inaccessible. The antivirus software will also offer banking protection, ensuring that all your banking information is kept safe and can only be accessed by you. In addition, the software has an active Do Not Track. Furthermore, you will find that Bitdefender Antivirus Plus will offer you a virtual private network (VPN) so that you cannot be tracked by websites or third party cookies. The only thing we didn’t really like about this antivirus software is that for unlimited virtual private network, there is a separate subscription that is required.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

In order to own this antivirus software, you will only need to part with $29.99. This antivirus software was tested in four different testing labs and the result were almost perfect. This means that it’s really good and does what it says it does. In our tests, we found that the antivirus software offers great protection. In addition, it does a very good job blocking malware, as well as blocking other malicious URLs. Another really great thing about this software is that the people at Kaspersky will offer you support anytime of the day through live chat, as well as telephone. The only downside to this antivirus software is that we found the bonus scans to overlap each other significantly.

Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus

You will only need to part with $18.99 in order to buy this great antivirus software directly from Webroot. This antivirus software was tested for malware protection and the results were really great. Not only that, but the software was also tested for anti-phishing and we must say that the results were impressive. In addition, this software was tested for ransomware protection as well and again, we were really impressed with the results. There is nothing as frustrating as an antivirus that’s too heavy on your machine and slows down your processes. Fortunately, Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is really light on your system resources. In addition to that, it’s very fast to scan and very small. Furthermore, this great antivirus offers some advanced features that ensure that your computer is protected all the time. The advantage of the software is that it has some really unusual detection techniques and so, offers limited results.