Android Tips to Make Your Life Easier


We love Android smartphones and tablets because of their simplicity. There are other great reasons why we prefer Android to other brands. However, things like notifications, as well as other settings make it hard to keep up at times. Below, we look at some amazing and handy Android tips that make your life so much easier.

Get an External Bluetooth Speaker

This is not just applicable to Android phones. In fact, you can use this with any mobile phone that has Bluetooth connection and happens to be our favourite, that’s why it’s on top. No matter how much your Android phone boasts of impressive speakers, you cannot hide from the fact that there is not so much you can achieve in terms of bass and volume. This is where external Bluetooth speakers come in. You will be able to fill a whole room with music, podcasts, or any task that has audio. You will need to make sure that you get high-quality speakers that are durable for the best performance.

Disable Bloatware Apps

Bloatware is a name given to any pre-installed apps that you will never use, but take up space on your phone. These come from Google, your phone’s manufacturer, or other third-party apps. The good thing is that you can delete most bloatware, while there are others that cannot really be deleted. However, you will be able to disable them. In order to do so, long-press the app icon and after a few seconds, you will be asked to disable the app. This renders the bloatware inactive.

Turn Off Auto-Brightness

Most Android phones have the ability to adjust the screen brightness automatically. Usually, it’s the environment, or the battery power, that determines the screen brightness for you. In other words, your Android phone is able to adjust its screen brightness in order to suit your environment. We really think that this feature is quite innovative and really great. However, it always seems like it overcompensates in both directions. If you don’t like that, you can go ahead and turn off auto-brightness. In order to do this, you can uncheck the auto-brightness box from the pull-down shade. In addition, you will be able to do so by going to your settings and then clicking Display, where you will find the option to turn the feature off or on.

Manage Your Notifications

Notifications can really be annoying, especially those from social media apps or games on your phone. The great thing is that you can actually manage all your notifications. For you to do that, you will have to change that in settings. First, go to Settings and then scroll down to notifications. From there, you can then toggle the app notifications individually.

Rearrange Pull-Down Buttons

The pull-down shade is another app that we really love on Android. It offers you quick access to certain apps. You will simply have to slide your finger from the top of your phone’s screen downwards. There, you will be able to find some of the often-used apps or settings in a one-touch button. These apps may include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Settings, GPS, Mobile Hotspot, Mobile Data, and more.

Excitingly, you will be able to decide which icons you want to appear on the pull-down shade. In order to customize it, tap the hamburger icon that is located in the top-right corner of the shade. There, you will be able to edit according to your personal preferences.